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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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freezing cold and skipping thanksgiving at home to get a jump at black friday sales. >> and home for the holidays. two local marines make it back home after tough, dangerous duty in afghanistan.
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good evening. more freezing weather is coming, but it is never too cold for a bargain. dedicated shoppers are camped out and waiting for holiday shopping deals. >> an early holiday gift for skiers in the sierra, heavenly is reporting several feet of fresh powder. if you are headed there expect heavy traffic. it is clear on 83 with no chain you are are ment's, but earlier today there were hour-long back ups. farmers in the central valley are again trying to protect their crops. they did okay last night, but it is getting even colder tonight. sandhya patel is here. >> and sandhya, the
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temperatures have dipped into the 30 30s and they are still dropping. >> they are indeed. by morning you will see temperatures on the icy cold side. let's look at the temperatures around a the region. they have fallen so low in someplaces they are down to the upper 20s. take a look for yourself as we show you the view from napa. it is 29 degrees. the dew point is 24. that's a measure of how dry the atmosphere is. when you have teens and 20s for dew points, that's a very dry atmosphere, and that's factoring into why it will be such a chilly night. live more right now is down to freezing. it is 32 degrees at this hour. half moon bay, 36 degrees. we pan down toward the south bay and show you what it looks like. not as cold at 37. and one last stop as we show you watsonville. it is just above freezing at 34 degrees, and it is only going to get colder. that's why we have a freeze warning that goes into affect at 1:00 a.m. and it continues until 9:00 a.m.
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mid20s to the low 30s expected. freezing temperatures for four hours or more. a frost advisory from the same time period, upper 20s to the mid30s for the coastal north bay, the monterey bay. it is going to be downright cold tonight. tomorrow a chilly morning. that's thanksgiving, of course, and black friday will be bitterly cold. we are expecting it to be dry the next few days. full forecast coming up. >> see you later on. for die hards looking for bargains, the cold is no de ter rent -- deterrent. would you camp out for the next two nights and skip thanksgiving for a sale? lisa amin go legion -- lisa amin gulezian is live. i guess it is for the money they will suppose. >> that is true. the first consumer camper arrived yesterday at noon. look behind me. he and even else is just trying to stay warm right now. they say staying out here for
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three nights in the cold is worth it considering how much money they will save. >> i can save $150 to $200. >> and that makes all of this worth it. dozens of budget-minded customers are camping out in front of this best buy to save as much money as possible. >> interested in buying a laptop and i hope to save around $400. >> it is a lot of savings, between 30 or 50% or more. >> campers stake their claim on this sidewalk on tuesday, earlier than usual. they normally arrive tonight. but the competition for the first place spot is fierce, and the freezing temperatures are not stopping them. >> i am more geared up. i got myself hand warmers and all that stuff. we play with the basketball, and we are keeping warm by doing as much as we can. >> spending the thanksgiving holiday here is their
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tradition, but times are changing even for retailers. the days of offering deep discounts on black friday is days of the past. goos it is black monday through friday. >> it is not surprising wal-mart, the gap, banana republic and sears are open on thanksgiving. even if it doesn't bring in the dollars the retailers want. >> they are getting notoriaty being open on thanksgiving. the name is being put out in front of consumers over and over and over again. that's what all retailers want is to be on the top of the mind of consumers. >> and shoppers are buying it. consumers will spend 3% to 4% more this holiday season over last year. those who are spending the night out hearsay they plan to spend self-hundred dollars on black friday. and they would like to spend even more, but can't afford it. live in koll ma, abc7 news.
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>> thank you, lisa. bay area food kitchens are expecting to be exceptionally busy tomorrow. hunger in the united states is at its highest level in 15 years. as amy hollyfield reports, volunteers started preparing tomorrow's thanksgiving meals tonight. >> at st. anthony's in san francisco they added a twist to this thanksgiving. they called the leaders of six different faiths in the community and asked if their members would come and help prepare the meal. >> we were really surprised. we were very happy we could share our wealth and help the needy. >> they spent a couple of jobs filling 4,000 pie crusts and deem -- and decorating the tables. they did take a break long enough to capture it. >> so often in the news we are hearing people struggling with each other and one is bringing the other down. you know what, we all work together for the good of our sisters and brothers. >> off at glide memorial, they
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were getting ready for the 5,000 meals they will serve tomorrow. there is always an impressive turnout of volunteers at thanksgiving, but many of them realize the importance of showing up after the big holiday. >> the fact that i try to come regularly and not just on thanks thanksgiving is kind of special. >> they agree that the need is up, and the type of people who need help has inning chaed. >> i would say middle class, some who are going to be able to get through this year and the years to come have discovered they don't have the resources. >> the hope is that the people they feed will turn into success stories like shirley smith and her husband, charles. >> for a year we were on drugs and alcohol. >> saint anthony's helped them. they now run a four bedroom house and volunteer their time at st. anthony's. and since there are so many people in need, they plan on giving some money too.
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in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> did you feel it? a 3.2 quake shook the south bay tonight. it happened before 10:30 this evening centered about 12 miles from downtown san jose. it was a minor quake, so that's why there has been no reported damage. if you noticed shaking around 10:30, that's what it was. the opt out campaign at the nation's airports fizzled out today. organizers asked volunteers and travelers to refuse those revealing full body scans and ask for a pat-down. the cause was to -- the point was to cause delays. few people participated and there were no major problems. a los angeles woman who dent want a body scan or a pat-down wore a bikini at a security checkpoint at l.a.x. there she is. she said she hoped agents would see everything they needed to. it worked. she breezed through a metal detector only line. a south bay company is working on the next generation of airport security that could
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weed out terrorists by a look in their eyes. they are checking travelers' irises. the process takes two or three seconds. testing is underway after seas and at border crossings. >> it is an internal organ that is exter nationally visible. the amount of data in it is encoded in a more subtle way than a fingerprint, but correlates to 200 points of data worth of information. >> the device uses near infrared lights and not radiation. you can have your eyes photographed and then undergoing a background check. if the tests go well, they could be installed at airports nationwide one to two years. this will be a happy thanksgiving for two marines. they got a hero's welcome, and deservedly so. alan wang has their story.
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thomas brooke and his friend jake henry have a lot to be thankful for. they just completed a tour of duty in the southern helmund province. it is one of the deadly west -- the deadliest war zones in afghanistan. more than 50 military veterans who make up the patriot guard es -- escorted the two marines in walnut eek crew of the brooks offered his hospitality to his friend who needed a holiday home. brooke, a 21-year-old graduate saw several fellow marines die while battling taliban fighters. >> from the time we started the deployment to the time we finished it, there is a huge improvement between us and the local population. >> his friend jake took an ak-47 round to the leg during a three-hour firefight. >> and we were hit by an ied.
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four marines were hit, and we lost one on the ground. myself was injured. >> surmgens reattached two of his fingers. >> got a little banged up, but treeing to get back on there. >> he is adapting, but i will have my friends and family around me. >> i can't imagine anything more special. it is unreal. >> after seven months of hard fighting and sleep less nights and a diet of field rations, thomas and his friend jake will sit down to a home cooked thanksgiving meal knowing their tour of duty is finally over. there is no place like home. president aring in walnut creek, alan wang, abc7 news. >> no indeed. well, could she have been saved? up next, details of a nurse at napa state hospital leaves a daughter with an agonizing question. >> the majority of americans don't want to put up with the
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blue blood. >> sarah palin's choice words for the bush family. >> and the only remaining swan from the palace of fine
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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a bay area woman is blaming poor security for her mother's death. 54-year-old peg was killed in late october. a police source says she followed gross as she walked on the hospital grounds and strangled her and stole $2, a bracelet and some gum. a source says gross pressed an alarm button that texted her. the call went unanswered because it was thought to be a false alarm. >> a couple weeks before she died she was telling me about patients that maybe had changed their demeanor or had been behaving in a way that made her more frightened. >> investigators said he ran back to his unit sweating and agitated. his shirt was torn. no one wrote him up on this condition. he eventually confessed and is awaiting trial now.
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he declined to comment on the re, mas. sarah palin is firing back at first lady barbara bush for implying that palin is not ready to run for president. >> the majority of americans don't want to put up with the blue bloods, and i say it with all due respect because i love the bushes, but the blue bloods that can choose their winners instead of allowing come paw tegs to p i can and choose -- competition to pick and choose the winner. >> mrs. bush talked about palin during an appearance on "larry king live." here is the comment that got it started. >> i sat next to her once and thought she was beautiful. i think she is very happy in alaska, and i hope she stays there. >> last week palin told abc's barbara walters she is considering a run for president in 2012. in anent view taped yesterday, president obama told walters he respects palin's political skills, but hasn't given any thought to the possibility he may run against her. >> we shall see in time, of course. well, let's go back to
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where we started and the cold, cold weather. >> it is still frosty out there. sandhya patel is here with more. >> we are heading for a day of record cold tomorrow morning. oakland hit 40 degrees and monterey 34. salinas is coming in at 30. it broke its previous record of 32 set in 2006. look at south lake tahoe. it is 8 below 0. records tied today, san francisco 41 degrees. that's going back to 1906. oakland airport was thurt-- 34, and that was a record tie as well. if you look at the time lapse from the high definition south beach camera, you will know with clear skies like this, a very cold, canadian air mass is settling in. the winds have dropped off at the lower elevations. we are in for a chilly night. right now in napa it is 29 degrees. when you factor in just a very light breeze out of the southeast at 5 miles an hour x it is making it feel like it is 24 degrees in napa. that's the windchill factor.
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it is just what it feels like to your body here. look at the rest of the area. 33 in livermore. redwood city and half moon bay. it is the same story for santa rosa. it is freezing cold with records by, month. sunny and dry by thanksgiving. we are looking at rain with snow in the sierra nevada. if you are doing traveling on saturday, the satellite-radar is showing you the cold air mass has invaded much of the western u.s. many areas of california are under a freeze warning. obviously parts of the bay area are included. this is how cold we are expecting the temperatures to get down to basically by the south bay locations. the low 30s except los gatos 29 and 32 in san jose and sunnyvale, on the peninsula menlo park and lossal toes down to 30 degrees. 30 run in redwood city. below freezing there. mid30s for half moon bay. pacifica. downtown san francisco, there is an asterisk there indicating it is likely to be
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a record. 39 by morning. 35 for the sunset district. you get up toward the north bay and this is what you -- where you will find the coldest readings of the bay area. 26 in santa rosa. napa 25. 24 degrees in calistoga. even the coast is going to see a drop. just above freezing at bodega bay. the east bay communities, oakland 34. same thing for richmond. both will likely hit records. 31 in castro valley. you head up land and -- you head inland and look at livermore. 28 degrees. typically livermore's temperature is in the low 40s around this time. not the case tonight. it will be a very chilly night. around a the monterey bay, 30 in santa cruz and 30 for morgan hill. now we go into the following night. freeze watches in affect tomorrow night and continuing into friday morning. it covers a good part of the bay area. widespread freezing temperatures are likely. and then tomorrow afternoon
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you will get a chance to thaw out. low to mid50s. so thanksgiving is looking fabulous. it is dry and sunny after you deal with the chill. another cold morning for black friday. the rain comes in by saturday. the cold goes away. then it is a stretch of sunny days from sunday to wednesday of next week. so beautiful weather. >> that will be nice. thank you very much. facebook is keeping an eye on how a common word is used. >> the
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from the lagoon at the palace of fine arts. they decided to move blanch to the san francisco zoo after somebody killed her sister, named monday, a few weeks ago. blanch is expected to return
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to her lagoon early next year ever a safety upgrades are finished there. there is a $500 reward for information leading to the person responsible for the attack on monday. facebook is a step closer now to gaining a trademark on certain uses of the word "face" to prevent other companies from using it on-line. there is a business called face cash. the website tech launch says facebook applications with the u.s. patent and trademark office has been tentatively approved. facebook filed a trademark lawsuit against a website called teach book to prevent the use of the word book. >> this is a slippery slope. i don't know about that one. >> can i say sports? >> and can i use your real name? >> for now. >> until the lawsuit. >> the chicago blackhawks, and the men in teal look for a little
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blackhawks beat the sharks on the way to the stan de cup title. -- the stanley cup title. a late redemption for san jose. the sharks are fired up. this is the pre game, the build up i guess. they are getting ready to take on the champs. it goes to joe thorton and feed to danly heatly. to jamal mayors. his first of the season. 2-0 and move ahead. boyton turn itself over and right to joe pavelski. he shoots and scores. blackhawk last year and the man who ended the shark season had 30 saves including that one on duncun keith. entering the ice and beats marty turkow.
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the injury finally caught up with the warriors. a 6 and 2 start seems like ain ancient history. yao ming and brooks, they are part of the reason the hock -- the rockets came in. the rockets went wire to wire. he had a team high 24 and in your face. the facebook lawsuit! no longer in your face is allowed. he had 18. zuckerberg is going to be all off me. -- all over me. that's palo alto pride. courtney leigh bury itself and then lowry with the steel and the finish. not in your face, well, it was. rockets with 39 free throws. they win it 111-up with 01. warriors drop to 7 and 8. don't mess with facebook if you know what it is good for you. he is back at practice. the all pro corner back has been out two games with the dreaded high ankle sprain, but
11:30 pm
is expected to go on sunday against miami. richard seymore did not want to talk about his ejection or fine for slapping roethlisberger last sunday, but he did have thoughts on the importance of winning late season games in the nfl. >> it is thanksgiving, and the best teams always play their best football from thanksgiving on out. this is where we really have to put the peddle to the metal and push forward. it is important we finish the year strong. >> the 40 nipers looking for a strong note of their own. they will play monday night in the desert against. they were shut out for the first time in 33 years. one of troy's biggest supporters helping him learn the offense is the man whose job he took, alex smith. >> he has done nothing but help me so far. he has done nothing but put himself, quote, unquote, in a backseat position. he has helped me learn
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tremendously, incredible friend. >> trying to learn the playbook -- oashs, can't say book. -- oh, can't say book. >> we'll get back to you on that one. >> we meed to make some big adjustments. that's this edition of abc7 news. "nightline" is up next. >> i'm carolyn johnson and thank you for joining us. >> have a happy thanksgiving and good night.pppppppp
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>> all new. a thanksgiving day presentation. the oprah and john f. kennedy jr. interview. oprah: does anybody intimidate you? >> you do. oprah: his life, his death, his >> you do. oprah: his life, his death, his legacy.


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